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Welcome to THE GYM!

Things to take note of when you are at the gym:

Tap your gym access card on the reader to open the doors located outside of units #01-01, #0-02 & #01-03. Do note that you will still have to tap your card even if the doors are already opened by other members. Please keep the doors closed at all times.

IMPORTANT: Please do take note of the penalty charges on misuse of your gym access card stated in our Terms & Conditions and Gym Policies page.
No bicycles and PMDs (Personal Mobility Devices) are allowed into the gym. If you commute to the gym by cycling or by any form of PMDs, please park them outside of the gym’s premises.
Lockers are located on the second level of the gym. You can use them for the time that you are in the gym only. Follow carefully the instructions provided on the top lockers for setting of your locker code. Please refer to our FAQ page for more details.

NOTE: There will be a $15 fee for locker assistance outside of the gym staffed hours.
Always be equipped with a small towel and a water bottle when working out in the gym. You can fill up your water bottle with filtered drinking water from the left tap of the wash basin located on the second level of the gym.
Shower facilities are also located on the second level of the gym. You will need to bring your own towel and toiletries.
Always rack your weights back whenever you are done with them. Do not leave them on the gym floor or on the machines.

Our gym settings are not suitable for most Crossfit workouts or any form of Olympic Lifting. Do not slam/drop the weights onto the floor or crash the weights when using the dumbbells/barbells or machines. That is very poor gym etiquette and a nuisance to other gym users. Always lower your weights gently.
Stay Safe!

Mask off when working out, mask on when not.
Sanitising spray bottles and wipes are provided in every section of the gym. Always wipe down the equipment after use.
DO NOT remove any equipment out of their intended premises to avoid any misunderstanding and being implicated for theft.
Use of gym chalk is prohibited in the gym.
Please always be properly attired whilst working out in the gym.

Last but not least, always ensure that your footwear are free from mud and sand before entering the gym.
Enjoy your workout! Contact us at 91733356 if you have further inquiries.

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