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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

It’s a really simple process – and it’s all handled here on the website. Click on Membership > Registration/Renewal from the main menu, select your type of membership, and away you go. You’ll be a member in just a few simple steps. Your membership will start from the day you come and collect your access key card.

Alternatively, you can also visit us personally at the gym during our staffed hours to sign up.

Do you offer pay-per-entries/drop-ins/day passes?

No. We are a members only gym.

Can I have a trial before I join?

We do not offer trials. However, you are welcome to check out our facility anytime during our staffed hours before you decide.

Can I pay by cash or card?

Yes, THE GYM accept cash and most major bank cards.

Are there changing facilities and showers in The Gym?

Yes, we provide showers and toilets.

Are there lockers?

Yes, lockers are provided. As the Gym rules state, all lockers must be only used for the duration of your training session. Please be aware: lockers are cleared of belongings every night by Gym staff.

NOTE: There will be a charge of $15 for locker assistance outside of staffed hours.

How does the proximity reader work?

When you hold your key card close to the reader, your ID number will be put into the database. The computer will check to make sure that your membership is current and if it is, it will release the door latch allowing access to the facility. If your membership is expired, it will not open. Individuals without the Access Device (key card) will not be granted access into the facility.

How will it work when the facility is staffed?

The same as it does when it is not staffed. Please remember to always bring your key tag; it is your only means of assessing and checking into & out of the club. All members have signed a waiver barring them from opening the door for others.

Why are there video cameras?

They are there for security, personnel identification and your safety.

What happens if I lose my key tag?

If you lose your key card/tag, you must purchase a new one, since it is your only access to the club. A replacement key is S$48 (non-refundable). We will replace your key card/tag at no charge if it quits working due to normal wear and tear.

May I share my key card?

NO. Your key card number specifically identifies you to our database and you should never allow anyone to use/borrow your key card including spouse, other family members or friends. Doing so may result in a $100 penalty fee for each unauthorised individual and membership termination.

What happens if my membership expires?

If your membership expires, the computer system will not allow you access to the club. We strongly encourage everyone to keep track of their memberships. Click here to renew your membership online.

If 2 people show up to work out at the same time, does the door have to close in between them?

No. Although you do both have to swipe your cards, the door does not need to be closed to register the second person’s card. You will still hear the door latch release, which is normal.

What if I want to bring a guest?

Please call the club during staffed hours at least 24 hours before you bring a guest, to work out details about having them sign a waiver and paying for their visit. DO NOT bring a guest without notifying the club staff first. Click here for contact information.

Can I use my own personal trainer?
I am a personal trainer and also a member, can I train my client at the club?

Unregistered external trainers are not allowed to conduct their business at the club (including any form of live online sessions) even if they have paid for a membership/entrance fee. Persons caught doing so will be asked to leave the facility without a refund.

Please contact us to find out on how to register as an external trainer with THE GYM.

What is the minimum age requirement to use the gym?

Persons aged between 15-17 years may use the facility only when accompanied by a parent/guardian and the parent/guardian has completed a waiver on file for the minor. Minors below 15 years are not permitted into the gym.

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